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Redobra Magazine - Reinventing the city (UFBA/Laboratório Urbano)

Launch of the Redobra Magazine and debate.

WATER AND URBANISM: ARTISTIC ACTIONS FOR AN (IM)POSSIBLE CITY Wellington Tibério: PhD student at FFLCH-USP and member of the human (se)cura collective Flavio Barollo: Video artist, performer and member of the human (se)cura collective NOW AVAILABLE AT: The text "Water and urbanism: human artistic actions for a (im)possible city" presents the actions of the artistic collective/environmental activist (se)cura, gathered from the water supply crisis in São Paulo (2014) to “problematize urban development and its relationship with the waters that ran and still run through the city”, seeking to provoke a closer look “to the neglected nature by the road urbanism that has taken over our cities”. The collective, by focusing on the issue of water, works “through the fissures, gaps and gaps that insist on opening up here and urban alipulsa”, attributes and survivals of an “aquatic nature of the territory of our cities”. Image: Rio Paralelo Tamanduateí. Photo: Jennifer Glass and Photo of the Rio Paralelo Tamanduateí, at the Jardinidades exhibition. See at: REDOBRA no. 16, year 7, 2022. thematic edition reinvent the city @revistaredobra @lab.urbano Launching: 11/04/2022 at 14:20 at the Workshops of the Museum of Modern Art of Bahia

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