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Mobile Water Park

The Mobile Water Park is an unusual event in the middle of the asphalt of the city of São Paulo: the use and abuse of spring waters and groundwater that are discarded in the gutter, converting them into a theme for aquatic activities and encounters. The residents of the city get together to take a bath in a waterfall of about 10 meters in the middle of the asphalt, taking their typical clothes, their beach chairs, beer and food, a true celebration of collective life and the space we inhabit, that is, , a reinvention of the city itself. Through suction pumps, water can be collected from any of the many points that sprout in the underground watershed of São Paulo, before being lost by the curb. There is a lot of water in this city. Among other things, it is the experience of perceiving and feeling it that we promote, so a kind of displacement takes place in what we know and understand by urban space. We arrived at the place with a water tank, our water pumps and swimming pools. We carry out bathing tests before promoting the events, to ensure safety for adults and children. On three occasions the quality of the water was potable.

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